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Deborah G. Stevenson

"The Constitutional Attorney"

     Why choose “the Constitutional attorney”? Because the Constitution is the “rulebook” that everyone must follow, and when your rights are being violated, chances are that someone is not playing by the rules. That’s why the Constitution is the focus of all matters in our practice.

     We are here to help protect you from wrongful interference with any of your rights, no matter what the issue is, and no matter what the venue is, whether you are an individual, a group of individuals, or a business entity.

     Whether for a trial or appeal; advocacy before an agency or a court, in a city,  state or a federal procedure; or mediation of any dispute; we will help you resolve your issues fairly, equitably, and ethically.

     If you simply want a consultation, if you want limited or full representation, or if you just need us to appear on your behalf as an expert witness or speaker, we are here to help.




Need to simply consult with an attorney to avoid litigation, determine strategy, or plan to engage in or avoid litigation involving your organization or business ?

We can provide customized consultation as limited or extensive as you require.



Areas of Practice

Expert Witness




Whether you need a Constitutional attorney to address specific issues before your organization or business to give workshops or presentations, or whether you need an expert witness to testify on your behalf in court, we can assist you in all ways.

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