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Appellate Law

     If you lost your case at trial or at an administrative hearing, and you don’t believe you should have lost, in most cases, you can appeal that decision to a higher level court or hearing officer. That’s called Appellate Law.  

     For example, if you were at a civil or criminal trial in state court, and you lost, you can appeal the correctness of the trial court’s decision to the Appellate Court.  At the Appellate Court, there will be no new trial or admission of evidence.  Instead, as counsel for the person appealing, we file a brief on your behalf, after reviewing all of the transcripts of the trial, and argue to the Appellate Court the legal reasons why the trial court made mistakes in its decision, such that the decision should be overturned. After the brief is filed, opposing counsel files a similar brief arguing why the trial court’s decision should be upheld.  We then may file a reply brief pointing out the errors in argument of opposing counsel.  Finally, the Appellate Court hears the attorneys for both sides in an oral argument before issuing its opinion.  If the Appellate Court decides wrongly, we can also petition the Connecticut Supreme Court to take the case.  If it does, then a similar briefing schedule is set before oral argument is heard in the Supreme Court as to whether or not to overturn the Appellate Court’s decision.

      The procedure is much the same if you need to appeal a decision made in a federal district court.  Briefs are filed in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, and, if necessary, a petition is filed with the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case.

      We can also assist you with any appeals to administrative hearing officers, if you lose your case before a local or state agency.  In those cases to appeal, a brief is filed with the State Superior Court, or with the U.S. District Court.
     In each of these cases, however, you must understand that there are time limitations placed on when you can file an appeal.  Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can determine what deadline you must meet in order to preserve your right to appeal.

     Our firm has more than fifteen years of experience in handling appeals of all types.  As always, we are committed to doing our best to protect your rights.


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