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Constitutional Law

     Our law firm is dedicated first and foremost to the preservation of Constitution and the rule of law.  For her entire career, Attorney Stevenson has advocated for all government officials to adhere strictly to the Constitution and the rule of law.  


    Our firm has taken on cases of all kinds in which we argue steadfastly for the protection of the rights of individuals and businesses against improper Constitutional violations. Attorney Stevenson also has dedicated herself to the continual education of all citizens regarding both the United States Constitution and the Connecticut Constitution.
    In her continuing effort to ensure that all individuals are educated about the protections afforded in our State Constitution, in 2011-2012, Attorney Stevenson also initiated a joint venture with Sacred Heart University to publish, for the first time in the State’s history, a pocket version of the Connecticut Constitution, and distributed copies of it to the Governor, to the Justices of the Supreme Court, to the members of the General Assembly, and to the public.


     If you believe that any government official, local, state, or federal, has violated your Constitutionally protected rights, our law firm stands ready to help.


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